Informational Sites
Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum Bruce Weiner owns and operates the Microcar Museum in Madison, GA. Bruce's collection is astounding and it's a must-see for any microcar enthusiast.
Lane Motor Museum The Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN is home a vast collection of automobiles of all types and origins, including a wide array of microcars.
Isetta Garage This a great microcar restoration site. Many great cars restored from basket cases.
Restoration Resources Uwe Staufenburg owns and operates, the premier source for everything Goggomobil. Uwe has an amazing parts catalog. Even though he's in Germany, he speaks great English! International ordering and shipping is available.
Pete's Custom Coach Building Pete's Custom Coach Building is a small restoration shop in Huntsburg, Ohio that specializes in the restoration of a wide range of classic and vintage sports cars and microcars. Pete's does everything from complete ground up restorations to automotive preservation. Isetta Tech is a non-commercial site created and maintained by Bruce Fullerton in Austin, Texas. The site's sole purpose is serve as a respository of information pertaining to the BMW Isetta US Export Model Sliding Window Coupe. THis site is a fantastic collection of BMW Isetta experience, resources and information. This site is definitely worth a visit if you have, or are interested in, an Isetta. Isettas R Us is the self-proclaimed leading authority on the BMW Isetta, BMW 600 and BMW 700, including parts, restoration and rebuilding services. The doctor is in! Bill Rogers is the Isetta Doc. This website is packed with great information and real services you can use. Check it out!
Robert "Bubba" Mace's Isetta site This site chronicles the experiences of Robert "Bubba" Mace during the restoration of his Isetta. I am normally one for originality is a restoration, but I love the non-factory color on this Isetta. One man's Isetta restoration journey. Great photos on this site.
"For Sale" Sites
Hemmings Motor News Hemmings Motor News is the premier magazine devoted to classified ads for classic cars as well as restoration resources for classic car owners.
Auto Trader Classics Collector Car section of website.
Micro Car Lot Website specific to micro car and scooter sales. Microcar classified site.
Club Sites This is the official site of the Vintage Microcar Club . Membership gets you a fantastic, full-color magazine six times per year.
Event Sites The Bubbledrome is the home of Charles and Nancy Gould's annual Micro and Mini Car Classic in Newton, Massachusetts (just outside Bostom).
Micronorth This is the official site of the Annual Micronorth event hosted by Ralph and Wendy Hough in Coldwater, Ontario, Canada.
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