Redang Malaysia when to go … and when not!

With its coral reefs, mangroves and sandy beaches defined among the most beautiful in the area, it is part of a Marine Park along with eight other small islands. You may be planning to go there, but you want to be sure to choose the best time based on the climate, crowds or any other factor. Or are you just looking for a magical place to spend your holidays and want to consider whether it is appropriate to go to Malaysia at that time? Well, in any case, you are reading the right article: we will talk about Red and, Malaysia (Malaysia), when to go and when not.

When you should  to go… and when NOT to go

The island of Redang is a beautiful destination for those who love this kind of landscape … and maybe do some ‘snorkelling in the coral reef. But surely you can NOT go from November to February because, you will not believe it, but the transport services and the resorts are closed because of bad weather during the season of Monson.

So, although in general, it is high tourist season for Malaysia, you can not spend in Redang even Christmas or New Year.

Perhaps you will find some daring skippers who at very high costs will try to deal with the waves to take you there, and maybe you will be able to stay somewhere. But know that it is certainly not a time when you can easily visit the island or do activities.

Redang, Malaysia, when to go not to find crowds

In this case, prepare yourself for a few roars of water, usually in the evening and bearable… perhaps even part of the experience.

Consider also that the sea could be a bit more rippling at that time. On the other hand, these are the months when you can save money and you won’t find too many crowds.

Be careful, however: check that the facilities where you intend to go, the activities you want to do and especially the transfers you intend to use, do not open late or close early.  Some resorts, for example, start to close in mid-October.

The more crowded period, on the other hand, is usually between June and August. And it is advisable to book everything in advance in that period.

If you want to optimize the choice, a piece of general advice that can always serve you in this kind of situation is to choose a period that does not coincide with the local school holidays to find less glue and especially better prices. Many structures impose supplements for the high season as well as for national holidays and school holidays.

Redang, Malaysia, when to go snorkelling or diving

For those who love snorkelling or diving, it may be appropriate to choose when to go to Redang depending on the type of species you would like to meet. For example, green turtles nest in large numbers between May and August.  September, on the other hand, is the time when you have the best chance of seeing whale sharks. June is the best time to see the arms and legs of the many Homo Sapiens Sapiens that crowd the waters of Rendang, especially in the Marine Park area.

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