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The sushi in Japan, the feijoada in Brazil, the stinking but delicious durian in Thailand. There is always at least one local product that you have to try or buy. Getting out of the routine stimulates our senses and gives us back the vitality we had as children when we discovered the world with curiosity. If this is your first time in Canada, Quebec or any way in Montreal, here are some of the main typical products and indications on where to find them. Let’s find out what are the typical products of Montreal.

Number one the “maple syrup” … and its derivatives!

It is not my pressing gluttony that makes me say that the ” maple syrup ” is the true national dish of Montreal and the whole nation. Indeed, it is not often that food is even reported in a symbol like a flag. The flag of Canada, in fact, has a maple leaf in the centre, and it is from this tree that maple syrup is made, the maple syrup, in fact, of which Quebec is the world’s largest producer: it produces even 75%! The ” maple syrup ” (as they call it there) is not only the condiment for many dishes but also the main ingredient of many derivatives: candies, beer biscuits and so on. You are visiting Montreal during the ” sugaring off-season”(From the end of February to April) or not, you will find these sweets everywhere.

Maple syrup is also a great idea for a tasty and genuine souvenir, which brings a true piece of Canada to friends and family instead of a useless magnet with Montreal but “made in China”.

Chocolate and candy!

Yes, I have already admitted being sooooo greedy, but the fact remains that Montréal also has its tradition in chocolate processing which, by the way, remains a pleasure for everyone, young and old, travellers and not. Clearly, of French style, this culinary art finds its highest expression at ” Les Chocolats de Chloe ” (at 546 of the Duluth East) and at the ” Divine Chocolatier ” (at 2158 on the Crescent Rue).

It’s also great to just see the so-called ” Candy Making Show”: Impossible to resist the charm of sugary substances that take on different shapes, textures and colours in the transition between liquid and solid.

So much is known that on vacation you can eat what you want! But please, Montréal, weather permitting, offers some great opportunities for walks: take the opportunity to walk a little bit more to burn calories instead of fossil fuels!

Cheese … and poutine!

Quebec is renowned for its artisanal cheese production. No wonder it is one of the best cities in the world to taste or buy cheese. So try the soft and sweet “ Gray Owl ”, the creamy “ Sauvagine ” is buttery with a mushroom aftertaste or the “ Vachement Bleu ” and the “ Bleu fumé Saint-Benoît-du-Lac ” with their most determined tastes .. and so on. ” Bleu & Persillé ” (1475 avenue du Mont royal Est) and ” La Cloche a Fromage MTL ” (2600 rue William-Tremblay) are excellent places to buy them. It is on the site fromagesduquebec.qc.cayou will find the complete list and details. If you want to buy directly from the official artisan producers.

And if you want to try a typical recipe with cheese, I recommend the ” Poutine “. Defined as “Comfort food”, Poutine is a widespread dish throughout Canada and is composed of French fries abundantly garnished with “Curd Cheese” (practically curd) and “Gravy Sauce”, a typical American brown sauce, obtained from the juice of meat thickened with flour and corn starch.

Ice wine, cider … and bagels!

Another typical Montreal product is the ” Beagle “, a kind of ring sandwich of Jewish origin. In the metropolis, it is easy to find some of the long-term types so that they can be easily transported to remind you of the tastes of Canada for a long time or to bring some to your loved ones. They can also be frozen.

Another typical product is the ” ice wine ” ( Vin de glace in French, ice wine or icewine in English). It is not a frozen wine but a wine produced from the fermentation of frozen bunches of grapes. The low presence of noble mould and the high concentration of sugars given by this procedure creates a wine that has a marked acidity, perfectly balanced by a considerable sweetness. You can find a great selection of them in the “SAQ ” chain, present all over Montreal.

Even more, the characteristic is born in Quebec is the ” ice Cider “, the equivalent of ice wine but I kept from the fermentation of frozen apples.

If you buy bottles, remember to pay the utmost attention to packaging for transport by plane, because buying them at the airport is certainly not a choice that will save you money.

Typical Montreal products … that you don’t eat!

Quebec has a long history of craftsmanship since the early 17th century settlements. The legacy is still very strong today with the result that the craft products are excellent. Jewellery is certainly the predominant industry in this sector thanks to the growing popularity of Canadian diamonds that are extracted and processed in the north-eastern territories of the splendid nation. The best place to get in touch with the treasures of Canadian craftsmanship is undoubtedly the ” Bonsecours Market ” (350 Saint-Paul Street East – with variable opening hours).

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