Venice Beach what to see and what to do

It’s the west district of Los Angeles, the Venice of movies and TV. So if you’re in the Golden State, you’ll probably have planned to visit this extrovert, world-famous beach. However, when you go to Venice Beach what to see and what to do can become a difficult question because you are overwhelmed by scents, colours and colourful images … and even by proposals more or less indecent. So let’s see in Venice Beach what to see absolutely, what to do with something different and also fun.

What to see and what to do absolutely!

  1. Take a nice walk in the Boardwalk. No matter what time of year you are: there will surely be magicians, skaters and street entertainers to make your walk even more enjoyable.
  2. If you like social life nothing better than a drink in the High Rooftop Lounge of the Hotel Erwin, maybe in one of the special evenings with DJs, surrounded by the view of Venice.
  3. Feast your eyes on Muscle Beach, the area along the Boardwalk that has been transformed into an outdoor gym since the time Arnold Schwarzenegger emigrated to America as a bodybuilder.

 What to see and what to do “off the beaten path”!

  1. Walks along the canals that run through the homes of millionaires. They are inspired by those of Venice. For a moment you are far away in the confusion. The important thing is to be respectful because you are still in a residential area.
  2. Visit the “museum without walls” proposed by the non-profit organization “Venice Oceanarium” that tries to get you in touch with marine creatures through their small exhibition in a stand often located at the end of the pier of Venice Beach.
  3. Visit the “Mosaic Tile House”, a unique museum decorated with handcrafted workmanship on ceramics, broken mirrors and other recycled materials. An original attraction really “Off the Beaten Path” to visit only by reservation (click here to contact the museum).

What to see and what to do with fun!

  1. Enjoy the evolutions of the skaters at the Venice Skatepark. Even if it’s not historical (it was built only in 2009) it’s already become one of the most popular in the Californian metropolis and it can easily give you emotions… and hilarious scenes of falls!
  2. Rent a special bike or a segway! Venice is full of activities that rent the most diverse electric or non-electric vehicles. Custom or sand wheeled bikes, pedal choppers and much more. An original and fun way to comfortably tour the whole neighbourhood.
  3. Go shopping: many Thrifty Shops in Venice offer products hard to find elsewhere, independent boutiques on Abbot Kinney Blvd, not to mention the endless fun souvenirs right on the Boardwalk. And I recommend, you’ll need to have space in your suitcase for shopping so don’t forget to read the article on “How to pack in a smart way”.
  4. Take a free self-guided tour of the murals of Venice! Get a nice map and enjoy these spectacular works of art for free. You can download the map here for free!

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