What to do in Philadelphia must and off the beaten path!

What to do in Philadelphia – Philadelphia (or Philadelphia in Italian, so to distinguish it from the equally famous cheese) is the sixth-largest city by population in the United States of America is the most important of Pennsylvania, although, as often happens in the United States is not the capital (which is instead Harrisburg- city unknown to most). Called “Philly” by the Americans or also “City of Brotherly Love” (“city of brotherly love”, because its name comes from the Greek phílos-adelphós = loved, dear-brother, brotherly),

What to do in Philadelphia “must do”

Liberty Bell

The highlights of Philadelphia is the famous Liberty Bell. The sound gathered the citizens for the reading of the declaration of independence. It is very important for Americans because it represents the movement for the abolition of slavery and is a symbol of independence, love for the homeland and freedom.council: entry is free but try to arrive just before it opens to avoid a very long line. If you go there in the spring, also enjoy the blossoming of the tulips in the background.

Independence Hall

If you’re into history, then you should also visit the Independence Hall, which is the birthplace of the United States of America because the Declaration of Independence was signed there. Tip: Even if admission is free, the number is limited. Book it (at the cost of only $1 on the government website by clicking here) to avoid the risk of finding the sold-out.

Reading Terminal Market

One of the largest and oldest public markets in the United States is located right in Philadelphia and is the Reading Terminal Market.

 Idea: This is also a great place to eat!

Philly cheesesteak

In this regard you can’t help but taste the most famous food in Philadelphia: the “Philly cheesesteak”, a sandwich with a shredded steak with cheese inside (and often much more). You don’t have any excuses even if you’re a vegan because by now they do it in that version too! You can find it everywhere… even in the rest of the USA: now it’s a national dish!

Love Park

To celebrate the “city of brotherly love” nothing more representative than a sculpture by Robert Indiana in the square dedicated to John Fitzgerald Kennedy but now known by all as “Love Park”! Recently renovated, it represents the word “Love” and has a Spanish version (“Amor”) in Sister Cities Park.

What to do in Philadelphia, other historical sites

City Hall

One of the most visited historical sites in the city is the “City Hall” at 1400 of the John F. Kennedy Boulevard.

 Idea: Go there at sunset so you can see the beauty of it is the perfect moment of light for your photos and at night.

Carpenter’s Hall

Carpenter’s Hall at 320 Chestnut Street is a small building, but very important for hosting the First Continental Congress and being the home of the first and second banks in the United States.

The Signer Statues

At the intersection of the Fifth and Chestnut Streets, you will find “The Signer Statue”, inspired by statesman George Clymer and erected to “commemorate the courage of all those who changed their lives is that of all Americans by placing their names on the Declaration of Independence.

Museum of the American Revolution.

If the American Revolution, then, really interests you very much at 101 South Third Street there is a dedicated museum.

The tomb of Benjamin Franklin

In the historic centre at the intersection of the Fifth and Arch Streets is the cemetery that houses the tomb of Benjamin Franklin.

What to do in Philadelphia to have fun

Rocky’s staircase

If you can run 72 steps to reveal and shout the name of your sweetheart you can repeat the famous scene of the movie Rocky at the entrance of the “Philadelphia Museum of Art” at 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway.


Take a stroll along the waterfront and watch the old warships of the Independence Seaport Museum. There is also a very interesting submarine, the “Becuna”!

Ben Franklin Bridge. Stroll over the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Idea: Do it at sunset so you can enjoy the spectacular view of the city and after a while trying to take breathtaking pictures of the illuminated bridge.

One Liberty Observation Deck

Enjoy spectacular 360° views of the city from the One Liberty Observation Deck to 1650 Market Street. Tip: Yes, I know I’ve said this many times before, so it would take four sunsets a day to do everything at sunset… but even here the perfect time is just before sunset to see the city by day and by night and enjoy the spectacle of the sun coming down over Philadelphia.


Go to Chinatown to discover the various shops and the typical entrance door to the neighbourhood.

 Idea: This is a great place to sample some fantastic Korean or Thai Chinese cuisine.

What to do in Philadelphia…strange!

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

If you like strange things you can not keep off your list the “Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens” labyrinth of objects and colours of the most bizarre made of mosaics, bottle bottoms and sometimes very special objects.

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Yes, prefer the dark and dark places that stimulate your hidden love for mystery visit “Eastern State Penitentiary” at 2027 Fairmount Avenue, a former penitentiary that is now said to be haunted by ghosts.

New experiences

If you have a few more days, imagine that you are a citizen of Philadelphia who is looking for something special. Do what he would do: browse the online offers on comegroupon.com sites and choose among the various proposals such as special workshops, trial lessons, spas and so on.

What to do in Philadelphia shopping … particular!


Visit Anthropologie at 1801 Walnut Street. Perhaps you prefer less expensive shopping. Or you’re just a man, maybe one of those few traditionalists who still don’t like to dress up as a woman. It doesn’t matter. The real reason to come and visit this shop is to photograph the dome and the particular decorations that hang from the stairs!

Idea: this can be something different to do on a rainy day!

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